Peter Linenthal

The Silk Roads: Zeitgeist of the Early 21st Century

Peter Frankopan moves the center of civilization East into Jaya's homelands in this timely one hour talk, the subject of ...
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‘The Silk Roads’: a new world history

Dr. Peter Frankopan's 'The Silk Roads: a New History of the World' was published in 2015 and became a bestseller. Dr. ...
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‘Jaya’ Visits Forest School

Children at the Forest School are outdoors all day, rain or shine. Yesterday I read 'Jaya' there, showed a real ...
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The Dalai Lama on Kushan Art

Kushan art inspired 'Jaya's Golden Necklace'. I love what the Dalai Lama said about the the art of Gandhara, the ...
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