Peter Linenthal
Cheesecake with a carved face pierced through

Jaya’s Mama’s Apricot/Almond Cake Recipe

A truly amazing number of fruit & nut varieties originated in Central Asia where Jaya's Golden Necklace takes place, including species of apricot, apple, pear, ...
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Person sitting in backyard with colored flags

Oldest Buddhist shrine found in Nepal

 In 2013 a timber structure was excavated in Lumbini, Nepal. It may be the oldest Buddhist shrine ever found, located at ...
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Author holding up circular coin

Buddha Appears on a Kushan Coin!

My article 'Lost and Found on the Silk Road' appeared in Tricycle Magazine online  earlier this year. 'Lost and Found' is ...
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Baby and mother at event for Jaya’s Golden Necklace

‘Jaya’ at Potrero Hill Branch Library

I love my local library at 1616 20th St. here on Potrero Hill. On Oct. 8 the library hosted a reading of ...
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children posing with books

‘Jaya’ goes to Cambodia

Kids in Cambodia with Buddhism for Social Development Action (BSDA, http://www.ccosc.org/en/partners/buddhism-social-development-action-bsda) enjoy Jaya’s Golden Necklace. BSDA is a Cambodian-run NGO, established in ...
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