Peter Linenthal
art of person looking downward

Desert Encounters: Arts, Cultures & Kingdoms of the Silk Road

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco is hosting a lecture series through its Society for Asian Art. Fourteen lectures ...
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artwork of centaurs and other historical people

Tamed by Religion: Centaurs in Gandhara

A fascinating article by Dr. Ulf Jager appears in the March 2018 issue of Silk Road, the journal of the Silkroad ...
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Baby sitting in a high chair with a milk bottle and a book

Engaged Reader

I love this photo of my friend Chris Carlsson's granddaughter Halloul reading my board book 'Look at the Animals!' from ...
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Facebook post Saving Mes Aynak

Good News for Mes Aynak

Unesco agreed on Oct. 15, 2017 to help preserve the site of Mes Aynak over the next three years. This ...
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Taxila: Jaya’s Hometown

Jaya's hometown is the ancient city of Taxila, now near Islamabad, Pakistan. 'Discovering Ancient Taxila' shows sites today where Indian ...
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Video about ‘Jaya’ by BAYCAT

Thank you BAYCAT for telling Jaya's story! BATCAT is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides access, education and employment for ...
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Man crossing arms with blazer and blue shirt

“An enchanting tale.”

Peter Frankopan, author of the international bestseller 'The Silk Roads: A New History of the World' calls Jaya "An enchanting ...
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The Silk Roads: Zeitgeist of the Early 21st Century

Peter Frankopan moves the center of civilization East into Jaya's homelands in this timely one hour talk, the subject of ...
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Silk Roads a New History of the World book

‘The Silk Roads’: a new world history

Dr. Peter Frankopan's 'The Silk Roads: a New History of the World' was published in 2015 and became a bestseller. Dr. ...
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children bonding with author outdoors

‘Jaya’ Visits Forest School

Children at the Forest School are outdoors all day, rain or shine. Yesterday I read 'Jaya' there, showed a real ...
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