Peter Linenthal
Buddhist monk looking at camera

The Dalai Lama on Kushan Art

Kushan art inspired 'Jaya's Golden Necklace'. I love what the Dalai Lama said about the the art of Gandhara, the ...
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Author with group of people on table

BAYCAT & ‘Jaya’

 BAYCAT, a nonprofit social enterprise tackling the lack of diversity in technology and digital media, visited my studio last week ...
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Temple Statue on table

Kanishka’s Stupa: 8th Wonder of Ancient World?

King Kanishka is a character in 'Jaya's Golden Necklace' and a historic figure, credited with calling an important council where Buddhist ...
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Group of people in a room with facilitator

Bookmaking at Umpqua Bank

Umpqua Bank Potrero Hill and Christopher's Books hosted a bookmaking workshop for parents & children on Jan. 21. Peter Linenthal ...
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Mother and children with golden coin necklaces

‘Jaya’ at the Fremont Main Library

Fremont has large Afghan, Pakistani, Indian and other Asian communities; it was great to read 'Jaya' at their big, busy ...
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Website TV video manpour with Brent Huffman

Brent Huffman Recommends ‘Jaya’

Brent Huffman, director of Saving Mes Aynak, a documentary about a Kushan era city discovered in Afghanistan now threatened by copper ...
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Buddha statue

GANDHARA CONNECTIONS, exciting new website

Gandhara Connections was just launched, a new website, a project of the Classical Art Resource Center of Oxford University designed "to ...
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Two children posing in front of camera

Making Golden Necklaces at Linden Tree

Yesterday Mary and Elizabeth made their own golden necklaces at Linden Tree, the wonderful, bigchildren's book store in Los Altos. They'll bring ...
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Stone statues in rocky background

‘Saving Mes Aynak’ on DVD

An important film about a Kushan-era Buddhist city is now available on DVD. Saving Mes Aynak tells the story of the site's ...
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Children with jaya the golden necklace poster and buddha, ancient coins posters

‘Jaya’ Visits The New School of San Francisco

Thanks to The New School of San Francisco (Hi Nala!) for inviting me to come today and read Jaya's Golden ...
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